CIO : LAU Summer online workshops designed for Secondary students

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Join LAU online workshops designed for Secondary students

Tuesday, July 27- Monday, August 2

Media and journalism are the main platforms to deliver news and information around the globe. These mass communication tools have always been subject to change following the latest trends and challenges. Ms. Rima Maktabi, UK’s Bureau Chief for Al Arabiya News Network, will share her experience in this field and give you an overview of the new trends and challenges journalists face every day.
The status of women in our society has evolved over the years. Yet, in times of crises or pandemics, women are highly marginalized in our society. Ms. Myriam Sfeir will talk about the evolution of women and their role in decision-making. In addition, Ms. Laury Haytayan will share her experience in a field not common for women and the daily challenges she faces.
Being part of a sports team gives the student athlete a sense of teamwork, persistence, and discipline. It also gives pride to the students, the university, and the community. Mr. Joe Moujaess and Mr. Ali Mansour will provide you with tips about coping with your athletic journey at university and your studies to excel in both fields.
Public speaking requires excellent communication skills, enthusiasm and the ability to engage with the audience. Dr. Raed Mohsen, LAU’s Dean of Students, will improve your presentation skills and give you the right guidelines to become a great public speaker.
Styling constitutes a major part of the fashion industry nowadays. Mr. Cedric Haddad will share his experience as a celebrity stylist and explain what it takes to become a stylist. In addition, Mr. Jalal Moghraby, LAU faculty, will give you an overview of LAU’s fashion design program and the various career paths in the fashion design industry.









We look forward to your participation!

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